¿Español o Italiano?

Some people claim to know Italian but when one speaks it to them they respond, “I don’t speak Spanish.” Yes, Spanish and Italian are very similar languages, in fact, one can learn some one-thousand (or more) words in Spanish and Italian at the same time (they are the same in both languages). Follow link to the answers. (Punctuation is intentionally omitted.)

1. Posso avere il conto

2. Llévenos a un buen cabaret

3. Come sta

4. Me lo scriva

5. No se preocupe

6. Quanto tempo

7. Qué pasa

8. Me duele la mano derecha

9. Non è italiano è spagnolo

10. No, nada

Bonus: Il gno hovercraft al è plen di bisats (hint: same idea as number six in Swedish or Norwegian)


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