What Chinese?

There are many Chinese languages or dialects. All of them belong to the Chinese branch of Sino-Tibetan languages. Here is a quiz. Identify the sample as (a) Standard Mandarin, (b) Cantonese, (c) Hakka, (d) Shanghainese, or (e) Xiang (Hunanese). Each of these belongs to a distinct group of the Chinese branch; (a) belongs to the Mandarin group, (b) to the Yue group, (c) to the Gan group, (d) to the Northern Wu subgroup of the Wu group, and (e) to the Old Chu group. All sample are given in transliterated form without tonal marks. Follow link to answers.

1.  Guh uh tsay z sa uh dsoo uh?

2.  La go han mo tz lo?

3. Yo mao yo soo shee shee pim? 

4. Wode xingli diu le.

5. Gay dim hoy?

6. Shi da.

7. Sz. 

8. Z.

9. Hai.

10. He.

11. Go sz ngo di go go. 

12. Noong doong va?

13. Lay gaw hai ngaw ge sai lo. 

14. Qing ni zai shuo yibian?

15. E ke swun dao moy yen hee ma?

16. Yat bui gaa fe. 

17. Nyung yi nyung.

18. Li law jia gang mo tz hua a? 

Bonus: Nee hway shwor ying yew boo.


source: Lonely Planet (2009). China: 14 languages plus food & culture section. Lonely Planet Publications Pty. Ltd.: Hong Kong.