Presidential Multilingualism

Even if they make abhorrent political decisions, it must be remember that the people able to be elected to the office of President of the United States are intelligent. This goes for all political leaders, Lenin, responsible for countless deaths, spoke seven languages, and Elizabeth I (of England) was able to translate between French, Italian, Latin, and English by the age of 13. 20 out 44 U.S. Presidents knew at least one other language, as well as English, only one of them learned English as his second language. So here is a list of those 20 presidents and the languages they knew.
John Adams: English, Latin, and French.
Thomas Jefferson: English, Ancient Greek, Latin, French, Italian, and Spanish. He also studied multiple other languages.
James Madison: English, Greek, Latin, and Hebrew.
James Monroe: English and French
John Quincy Adams: English, Dutch, French, German, and Latin. Studied Ancient Greek and Italian.
Martin van Buren: Dutch (as his first language), English (as his second language), and Latin.
William Henry Harrison: English, Latin, and French.
John Tyler: English, Latin, and Greek.
James K. Polk: English, Latin and Greek.
James Buchanan: English, Latin, and Greek.
Rutherford B. Hayes: English, Latin, Greek, and French.
James Garfield: English, Latin, and Greek. He was ambidextrous and could write simultaneously in Latin with one hand and Greek with the other.
Chester A. Arthur: English, Latin, and Greek.
Theodore Roosevelt: English, German, French, Italian, Greek, and Latin.
Woodrow Wilson: English, German.
Calvin Coolidge: English, American Sign Language, Latin, French, Italian.*
Herbert Hoover: English, Latin, and Mandarin Chinese.
Franklin Roosevelt: English, German, French, and Latin.
James Carter: English, Spanish.
William Clinton: English, German.
George W. Bush: English, Spanish.

*A foreign diplomat once quipped that ‘Silent Cal’ could be “silent in five languages.”