Speaking to the World.

This is an age of globalization. There are two kinds, a good and a bad kind, on the generally good side there is economic globalization, trade supports the spread of culture and languages and helps lifts the poor (so long as trade and the markets are not interfered with by governments), and on the bad side governmental globalization, the United Nations, the European Union, NATO, etc. In this age of globalization, languages are becoming global. Which languages?

Top five spoken languages [L1 speakers] (Ethnologue data):
Chinese (all dialects/languages): 1,197 million speakers
Spanish: 414 million speakers
English: 335 million speakers
Hindi: 260 million speakers
Arabic (all dialects/languages): 237 million speakers

Top five languages with greatest official spread (Ethnologue data):
English: official in 99 countries
Arabic: official in 60 countries
French: official in 51 countries
Chinese: official in 33 countries
Spanish: official in 31 countries

Official languages of United Nations:
Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, and Spanish

Official languages of the European Union:
Bulgarian, French, Maltese, Croatian, German, Polish, Czech, Greek, Portuguese, Danish, Hungarian, Romanian, Dutch, Irish, Slovak, English, Italian, Slovene, Estonian, Latvian, Spanish, Finnish, Lithuanian, and Swedish