World Cup & Language

Today is the quarter finals for Argentina, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Costa Rica. Yesterday, Germany beat France and Brazil beat Colombia, in their quarter-finals. Tomorrow Germany will face Brazil in the semi-finals. Before going on, VAMOS VAMOS TICOS y Duetschland über Brasilien! Now what are the languages of these World Cup finalists?
Argentina: Spanish
Belgium: French, Germany, and Dutch
Brazil: Portuguese
Costa Rica: Spanish
Germany: German
the Netherlands: Dutch

Two of these countries use the second most spoken language in the world, Spanish with about 414 million speakers worldwide (Ethnologue data). Another two use Germany that has 78.2 million speakers worldwide (Ethnologue data). Two use Dutch, which has about 21.9 million speakers worldwide (Ethnologue data). Only one uses Portuguese, which has about 203 million speakers worldwide (Ethnologue data). One country uses French that has about 75 million speakers worldwide (Ethnologue data). These six countries use five languages that make up about 792.1 million speakers worldwide.

Football (soccer) by any other name:

Dutch: Voetbal

French: Football

Germany: Fußball

Portuguese: Futebol

Spanish: Fútbol