Spanish Minister Gets Thrown Out of Parliament for Speaking English

English of the Spanish spoken:

“Sir, Mr. Bosch you are not doing an English exam. Your accent is perfect. But this is not want we are talking about.  we are talking about a proposition of law from the Group of Union Parliamentary for Progress and Democracy, about legislative reforms that according to this group they will end up or it will collaborate to end with the corruption. Please, forget about the English, the Balearic Islands or I will have to ask you to abandon the…”
“We support the democratic regeneration and this is why we don’t understand why they obligate to the students we don’t apply it to ourselves…”
“I’m sorry but you don’t have the word, I request you to abandon, thanks.”
“Finished the intervention from the mixed group. I told you more than three times, and I would have liked that you had focused on the topic, but you tried to go another way. I feel very sorry because what I really would have liked is to know what your party thinks about the proposal of the Group for Progress and Democracy? You didn’t do it, I am sorry. Mr. Olabarria for the Parliamentary Basque group has the word.” (Translation: mine & Epsilon News Network).