Milton Friedman Legacy Day

Apologies in advance as this is not strictly about language.

Today, July 31, is Milton Friedman Legacy Day, on honour of this great man’s birth. Despite some ideological that he had with the Austrian school of economics led by Mises and Rothbard (the school of economics which the present writer believes in) Friedman was one of the greatest supports of the Free Market during the 20th century. The present writer owns the beginnings of his knowledge and support of the Free Market to Dr. Friedman (through the power of A joke, (as reported by Walter Block): 

One day an economist looked up and saw a little girl being attacked by a vicious dog, just down the street. He rushed over and saved the girl by strangling the dog.

A reporter interviews him and says, “Sir, this is a wonderful thing you have done. Did you say you are an economist?”

“Yes, I am,” says the economist.

“Very good, sir,” says the reporter, “this will be our lead story tomorrow, and the headline will be ‘Radical libertarian economist saves little girl from vicious dog.'”

“Well, I’m not that radical,” says the economist. “I’m really more of a classical liberal.”

The reporter scratches his head and says, “Well, we’ll come up with something. Whose views would you say you are closest to?”

“Oh, I suppose it would be Milton Friedman,” says the economist.

Next day, the economist buys the paper. Across the front page is splashed: “CHICAGOITE KILLS FAMILY PET!”