Origins of the Spanish word Zorro

Zorro is the Spanish word for the cute animal known as the Animalia Chordata Mammalia Carnivora Canidae Vulpes vulpes or fox. The thing is no one really knows why the Spanish word for fox is zorro. It does not come form the Latin, vulpes, like a great deal of this Romance languages vocabulary. On theory says that it comes from the Basque azeri. Another says that zorro replaced vulpes because foxes were considered bad luck. {All of these are discussed on}. 

A comparison chart of words for the Vulpes vulpes:

Arabic (transliterated): ta3lab

Basque: azeri

Catalan: guineu

Danish: raev

Dutch: vos

English: fox

Frencn: renard

Galician: raposo

Germans: Fuchs

Icelandic: refur

Italian: volpe

Latin: vulpes

Portuguese: raposa

Romanian: vulpe

Spanish: zorro