Nívuo Limba Germanischa-Romanze

A new invented language by R. Heckner taking vocabulary and grammatical construction from Germanic languages and Romance languages.

Le grammaire ve Nívuo Limba Germanischa-Romanze (The grammar of New Germanic-Romance Language):

Nívuo Limba Germanischa-Romanze

(New Germanic-Romance Language)

Gender of Nouns:

Masculine Feminine Neuter
Singular -uo -a -e
Plural -uon -as -i


Masc. Fem. Neu.
Def. Sing. Il La/ l’ Le/ l’
Def. Pl. Ils Las Les
Indef. Sing. Een/ -een Ena/ -ena Et/ -et
Indef. Pl. Eens/ -eneen Enas/ -asena Eti/ -iet


English NLGR
I Jo
You (informal) Dhu
You (formal) Sie
He El
She Ea
We Wir
You all (inf.) Vostre
You all (fm.) Ni
They Loro
They (all female) Eas

Basic Present Tense Verb Conjugation: Four Types: -ere, -ir, -en, -är

Entendere, to understand

Jo Entendo
Dhu Entendi
El, Ea, Sie Entende
Wir Entendiamo
Vostre Entendete
Loro, Eas, Ni Entendono

Finir, to finish

Jo Finis
Dhu Finis
El, Ea, Sie Finit
Wir Finissons
Vostre Finissez
Loro, Eas, Ni Finissent

Sagen, to say

Jo Sage
Dhu Sagst
El, Ea, Sie Sagt
Wir Sagen
Vostre Sagt
Loro, Eas, Ni Sagen

Talär, to speak

Jo Talar
Dhu Talar
El, Ea, Sie Talar
Wir Talar
Vostre Talar
Loro, Eas, Ni Talar

Adjectives come after the word they modify.

Verb to be is irregular:

Vessere, to be

Jo Sono
Dhu Is
El, Ea, Sie Est
Wir Sind
Vostre Essais
Loro, Eas, Ni Estam

Example sentences:

Jo talar nívuo limba germanischa-romanze. (I speak Nívuo Limba Germanischa-Romanze)

Sie sagtt dat sie talar nívuo limba germanischa-romanze? (Did you say you speak Nívuo Limba Germanischa-Romanze?)

Jas, jo sagte dat jo talar nívuo limba germanischa-romanze. Eg sie? (Yes, I did say that I speak Nívuo Limba Germanischa-Romanze. And you?)

Nu, nuch muito. (No, not much.)


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