Ilinua and Nívuo Limba Germanischa-Romanze

Two invented languages by R. Heckner compared.

Ilinua (created in April, 2013): compounding language, draws vocabulary from multiple other languages as well as entirely invented vocabulary. The grammar is created and a composite of forms from other languages. Ilinua has sounds not present in most common Indo-European languages (such as the rolled uvular ‘g’).

Nívuo Limba Germanischa-Romanze [NLGR] (created in September, 2014): Draws vocabulary exclusively from Germanic and Romance languages. The grammar is based on Germanic and Romance languages. NLGR has sounds common in Germanic and Romance languages.


Ilinua: Vu Moila Zala Almanzala-Romanzala zalais. (I speak New Germanic-Romance Language.)

NLGR: Jo talar ilinua. (I speak Ilinua.)


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