Please Spread My Stuff

“Permission is hereby granted to reprint these essays in whole or in part.” -Leonard E. Read, founder of the Foundation for Economic Education (Tucker, 2014).

Here at the R. Heckner Language, I would like to let everyone spread, use, modify, print, email, etc. my stuff. The only string is that you give me credit for what you use. So go ahead spread my stuff! Spread the knowledge, the thoughts, on language that I write here.

“As Read wrote,

Honest thinkers are always stealing unconsciously from each other.… There is, in fact,         no way to fasten ownership claims to an idea, which is spiritual, as we do with                       material things — copyright laws and legal jargon to the contrary notwithstanding.               Might as well try to draw property lines around a cloud or a wish or a dream or                       Creation. Ideas are forever in a state of fusion and/or flux and they defy any precise             earmarking (Tucker, 2014).”