Changes to the Site: 7 January 2015

As anyone that visited the site before now can see the site has changed. Firstly, the theme change. The old theme was nice and good looking, but changing the theme keeps things fresh. Secondly, and more importantly, the name change. The site was formerly called, The R. Heckner Language Blog. The new title, as the reader can see, is Cogitationum (Latin for ‘thoughts’). Furthermore, the topics that are going to be covered here have expanded. They now include, but are not limited to, history, philosophy, science, mathematics, and economics. The reason for this is that this writer has found it difficult to produce original content on a regular basis about solely linguistics. Thus, by expanding the sites topics new posts can be written (hopefully) more often. The aim is for at least one new post per week (as defined as seven, twenty-four hour periods). Despite the topic expansion the main topic will remain language/ linguistics. Enjoy.