What sets people apart for other animals? Many would say that “thumbs” are what have allowed people to create and thrive in harsh environments (read all environments). But if this is the case why haven’t all primates spread out and conquered like humans?

The key factor in human survival and human flourishing, the factor above all that sets humans apart from the other animals, is the mind that humans have. A logical mind, a self-aware mind, a mind capable of producing infinitely complex linguistic functions, and above all a curious mind.

Certainly other animals have curiosity, but not to the scale and scope of human curiosity. What is curiosity?

The OED online defines it as ” A strong desire to know or learn something.”

It is curiosity that has allowed people to study and want to study science, language, philosophy, indeed everything that humans have studied and discovered was preceded by the thirst for knowledge. It is curiosity that has put humans apart from other animals.