Guns are in the news again as the US has had another mass shooting. It, as any gun rights advocate will tell you, happened in a gun free zone (“see if they had guns, they could have protected themselves.”)  It is also, another mass shooting in the United States, which, as any anti-gun advocate will remind you, is dangerously gun happy and full of shootings. Both sides have their arguments. There’s even some arguments in the middle. However, I don’t care about either sides arguments; in fact, I DO NOT CARE ABOUT GUNS! SHUT UP ABOUT THEM!

I get it guns and mass shootings are scary, but there’s the Second Amendment; and there’s the argument that if someone wants gun taken away from citizen they aren’t anti-gun they are pro-gun but only for the government. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I am sick of hearing these arguments. Mostly, because they never change. It’s like commenters and politicians have a note card labeled “guns” that looks like this:


Insert trite statement of position on guns here. Insert name of tragedy here. Insert scary sentiments here. Rallying cry/ piss off the other side here. END.

It gets old. The lines are always the same and policies hardly ever change. Politicians and the media use each tragedy to talk about guns because it’s go for ratings and, therefore, good for getting re-elected. Everyone seems to have a passionate position on guns, either for them, or against them. Occasionally,  you’ll find people in the middle (but passionately in the middle). People rarely say anything that is not predictable. Sadly, it is also rare to find anyone not using scare tactics, or emotional arguments (the reason is that this charges people up and pushes ratings, likes, electability, shares, comments, status, retweets, etc.). It is sad that guns seem to turn usually sensible people into waking political slogans that ignore facts and do little to actually affect real change.

Why in the wake of (a gun-involving) tragedy is the first response to pull out the ol’ gun talking points and stall positions and make it clear to everyone that you have an opinion on guns? Why isn’t the immediate response to express one’s empathy and sympathy, and, then to remind people that, despite events like this, violence is in decline (https://www.ted.com/talks/steven_pinker_on_the_myth_of_violence?language=es), that gun homicide has fallen greatly from the 1990s (http://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2015/10/21/gun-homicides-steady-after-decline-in-90s-suicide-rate-edges-up/), and that homicide in general has fallen (http://www.bjs.gov/content/pub/pdf/ntmh.pdf)? Don’t these facts seem more comforting and more helpful, than yet another unproductive discussion about gun control?  Oh, that’s right, these facts don’t sell. Scary things sell, even better than true things. That’s why I know that this rant doesn’t matter. It won’t change one iota of anyone’s opinion or conduct. It just makes me feel good to put it out there; hopefully, people that constantly post about the newest politico-media tragedy/ scandal understand this as well.

In closing, I will admit that guns are an issue in the U.S. and I will also admit that all sides of the argument make some valid points. However, I am sick of hearing about guns. There are too many stall, emotionalist arguments that rely on scaring people and not one facts and rationality. In short, I never want to write about guns, ever again, I don’t care. People will murder people in hate with or without guns. There are bombs, knives, chemicals, hammers, hands, lead pipes, fire, poisonous animals, drowning, etc. Maybe, just maybe, we should talk about motive (usual hatred, absence of humanly love) and not about the tool one uses. Heck, hateful people used aeroplanes to kill others in recent history (9/11), so a conversation about method of killing is really pointless. What really matters is something deeper and harder to talk about, it is about hatred and love. Why this is never addressed is clear, politicians can do nothing to end hatred and promote love; therefore, it doesn’t increase their power, and, thus, it doesn’t matter to them. But guns, that you can make policy on, that can be legislated, that can get the politician re-elected (and isn’t that what the U.S. is all about make the dreams of elite politicians come true). There is only one way to address hatred, open and honest rational discourse about culture, about human nature, and about the individual. None of which can be made in any way political and remember that’s all that matters; the politicians. Think of the politicians. They need your help so that they can live in mansions (http://www.thedailybeast.com/galleries/2011/08/23/politicians-million-dollar-mansions-mitt-romney-michael-bloomberg-al-gore-more-photos.html#viewAll).