Introducing two New Series

There are two new series in the works here at Cogita! They are called: The Doubting Believer and Henry Hazlitt’s Social Cooperatism. Below is a short introduction for each.

The Doubting Believer:

As a person as religious faith one may at times have doubts. Some even have a sort of inner atheist that is consistently raising questions and doubts of the religious faith. This series embraces these doubts and attempts to answer the criticisms.

Henry Hazlitt’s Social Cooperatism:

Henry Hazlitt is best known for his introductory book on economics, Economics in One Lesson, he is less commonly known for his work on ethics and morals and the system that he set forth in The Foundations of Morality. This system is called Cooperatism, though it might be more accurately termed Social Cooperatism.  It is a shame that Hazlitt’s ethical system never found much discussion, perhaps, most damningly in libertarian circles where his economics are much praised. Indeed, it seems likely that had his ethical beliefs been widely discussed and accepted in libertarian circles they may be very different today. This series is intended to serve as an introduction to Hazlitt’s system of ethics as well as a defence, slight modification, expansion, and application of it.

I hope you will enjoy these series!